A new home for Creatives at Raceview Mill

A new Creative Hub is opening soon at Raceview Mill heritage park where nearly 40 local businesses have made their home.

From imagination to reality

Join other art and creative professionals at Raceview Mill Heritage Park.

Thinking of joining our New creative hub?

How It Works

01 Rent a Workshop, from £50 a week including Wifi, rates etc. rental periods as short as one month.

02 A workshop that is a Space of your own - paint on the walls, drip on the floor - Its your creative home.

03 heating and electricity Pay as you go. No unexpected costs.

04 Hang your work in the Hub Gallery full of old Mill Character, one of the largest in Art spaces in ireland. Sell your work when you are not there.

Raceview Mill. Where Heritage Meets art

-Interested? To move forwards please fill out the form