Heritage Business Park

A unique heritage restoration project in Broughshane, the Garden Village of Ulster. 


Welcome to Raceview Mill

Raceview is a 200 year old woollen mill, set in 16 acres in Broughshane, the Garden Village of Ulster.

A local family purchased the mill in 2013 to stop it being demolished. 

Since then it has been restored and brought back into use with around 40 local businesses employing almost 150 people.

Raceview Mill is perfect for health and wellbeing and professional client based businesses whose clients will benefit from ample parking and a landscaped, peaceful ambience. 

Raceview Mill is not a shopping centre, but is a great place to visit, bring the dog, have some food, and enjoy the walks, starting with Raceview Back Avenuue. 

It is also home to the Wool Tower, Northern Ireland’s first choice for prestigious events and couples looking for a unique ‘exclusive use’ venue filled with heritage and character, together with riverside bedroom suites.

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Before and after

Photos showing the derelict mill, and how it is today,

Turbine Restoration

The first task on taking over the mill was the excavation and restoration of the two water turbines.

Water Wheel Restoration

The major challenge of restoring one of Irelands largest water wheels.

Wool Tower

One of Northern Ireland's most iconic wedding venues and conference centres.

Health & wellbeing

Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Baby Sensory, Beauticians, Alternative Health, Nail Bar, Reiki Master and more....


Brand consultants,  Web designers, Tailor, wedding dress consultants,  

Financial advisors, OnePhoton radiation and laser protection consultants, radiation monitoring, monumental sculptors and more… 

raceview gallery

Raceview Gallery exhibits the work of numerous artists. Resident artist is Roy McKeown. A new Creative Hub with workshops will be opening soon specialising in contemporary art.

Business Community

40 tenants make up an well balanced mix of professional , health, art and wedding related businesses.

Currently all units are taken and we have no vacancies. Contact us if you would like to be considered in the event of a vacancy

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

Since taking over Raceview Mill. literally thousands of native trees have been planted and paths restored and made family friendly.

Heritage Restoration

Its so much more financially rewarding in Northern Ireland to demolish and build new, that we have lost so much of our heritage.

creating local Jobs

At its peak, Raceview Woollen Mill employed around 100 people. Now approaching 200 people come to Raceview Mill every day to work. A major source of local employment.

Paths and Walks

We spend a considerable sum each year on our avenue which is a beautiful, tree lined lane leading to the village and the Buttermilk Bridge.

A unique

Most old Mills have long since sold off all their surrounding land. 

In contrast, Raceview Mill sits in 16 acres with the Broughshane, one of the prettiest villages in Northern Ireland and winner of the Channel 4 “UK village of the Year”.

 On third of our land is taken up by buildings and car parking.

The remainder is truly beautiful fields and wedding gardens. 

The site also benefits from almost a kilometer of the beautiful Braid River running through it. 

What People Say

“Raceview Mill is a shiny example of hw we can protect our heritage and environment.”
Mark Durkin
Minister of the environment
“I am truly inspired by the work and the investment by the McKeown family to preserve our local heritage and create jobs for local people"
dame arlene foster
first minister
on the opening of raceview Mill
“Roy and his family are to be commended for undertaking this huge project. Instead of demolishing 200 year old Buildings, they are being restored to provide homes for local businesses and start ups. The project will be a great asset to the village of Broughshane and surrounding area.”
Joan christie
Lord lieutenant

Final Words by Owner

Raceview Mill is a family business through and through. When we purchased it in 2013, no-one, even in the village thought it could be saved. It faced demolition for new development. That, of course would have been the financially sensible option. 

No grants were available for the restoration and every penny invested had to be raised within the family – a major risk and a huge investment in the local community 

However, nine years on its a thriving heritage business park. My Daughter Dawn and her husband Matt run the hugely successful Wool Tower Wedding venue and we have plans for a new licenced restaurant later this year. 

It gives me great please to see three generations of the family working in the mill today, including my four grandchildren Bryn, Jack, Oscar and Benjamin. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the mill soon.    

Raceview Mill Heritage Business Park

200 years of Heritage in the Garden Village of Ulster.

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